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As an Oklahoma native, Susan has watched our state evolve over the years, and seen our towns transform into thriving cities. She watched as small businesses grew in our state and, with Oklahoma ingenuity, helped our economy expand and progress. As State Representative, she will work towards creating opportunities for small business owners to further develop their businesses. She will be an advocate for Oklahoma’s hard-working entrepreneurs who employ our neighbors across the state. We need representation at the State Capitol that will stand up for our small business owners.



Susan believes that every Oklahoman brings creativity, ingenuity, and innovation to the table and that they are our state’s greatest resource. As State Representative, she will advocate for more funding for our trade schools and higher education so that every Oklahoman is equipped for success in a competitive environment. As State Representative, she will work to widen our job market, empower skilled workers in our state, and attract them from out of state.



Improving Oklahoma’s public education system is the key to improving our quality of life! We must ensure that our students are being prepared for a competitive career environment. As State Representative, Susan will advocate for continued increases in funding for teacher pay and support staff, and most importantly, for increasing per-pupil expenditures. She will promote smaller class sizes and improved student support services and will work to guarantee that every student in our state is given the opportunity to excel.



In recent years, Oklahoma has ranked very low among other states on measures of health care quality. As State Representative, Susan will work to pass legislation that will help keep Oklahomans healthy and save our state millions of dollars. Susan believes every person has the right to affordable, accessible, high-quality healthcare, and will work to make this available for all Oklahomans.

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